PROVE THEM WRONG offers high level skill training at all player levels for girls and boys in grades 3–12 throughout MetroWest Boston. Click to view map. Our programs are designed for the committed athlete where we help players improve through hard work, consistency and dedication. In town basketball, private lessons, and clinics we provide training and motivation in a supportive environment. Athletes gain a stronger knowledge of the sport, and a newfound confidence within themselves.

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Training for Girls and Boys in Grades 3–12

We offer a unique approach that fosters love of the game, skill development, and building character in a supportive environment. In short, our goal is not just to build great athletes but to also build great people.

  • Fundamental and advanced skills
  • Basketball IQ
  • Inner confidence
  • Sportsmanship

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Mission Statement

From the beginning, our mission has been to develop our athletes into the best versions of themself through high level skills training in a competitive environment. Specializing in building fundamentals, basketball IQ and maximizing confidence, we aim to assist our students in reaching their athletic potential. We foster a loving culture where families can look to us for support and mentorship on and off the court. We consider it a privilege to help athletes of all skill levels who show consistency, hard-work and dedication. Our expectations are that our athletes exhibit constant growth, no matter how big or small. PTW places a strong emphasis on leaving a mark on our athletes, long after they are done with our program.

What’s New at PTW

New Partners

We are excited to be partnering with the Wellesley Basketball Association. Check them out.

Discounted Summer Camps

The Hoop Group is offering discounts to their boys and girls Elite Camps for PTW Elite athletes. Learn More.

The PTW trainers always came prepared with plans that matched the age and skill level of the participants, and the feedback we received from players and parents was outstanding. We look forward to continuing our partnership

Wellesley Youth Basketball

DeShawn Gibbons is an amazing mentor, coach, and role model; our sons have not only improved substantially as basketball players but have also learned important life lessons regarding work ethic, personal care, confidence via preparation, and self-awareness.

Dr. Ofer Levy

I highly recommend DeShawn and PTW for individual, group, and team training. DeShawn carefully organizes and customizes training programs for the individual player, communicates very well, and is an excellent mentor and role model.

Newton Basketball MetroWest

My son has worked with Josh Hall in both individual and group training over the past year. Josh pushes him and the other boys to improve through careful attention to skills — with an emphasis on what it takes to compete at a high level.

Peter Hammerman


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