What are you doing for an edge?

AAU is here, travel and school ball is coming.  Make sure you sign up and get better with the best in the business. In PTW We Trust.

“Winning doesn’t build athlete’s, building athletes develops winners”


If you are a new client and looking for Private, Semi-Private or Small Group training, you will have to start with an evaluation (“evals”) so that we can properly place you in a group of equal skill and ability. We do this to maximize the growth of our athletes.

Evals are on Wednesdays between 3pm–5pm.

Click on the Sign Up button below and scroll down to the “Evaluations” block.

Semi- Private, Small-Group

Semi-Private and Small Group lessons are Designed by Skill level. Contact [email protected] with any questions.

Click on the Sign Up button below and scroll down to the “One on One” or “Group Lessons” block.

Friday Open Runs

Fridays we will host open runs for the kids to play in a controlled setting. These will be first come, first serve so make sure to use this link to sign up for the Fridays that you are available.

Please email [email protected] for any questions.

Reduced Membership Fee!

Due to our partnership with BSC. All Clients of PTW are eligible for reduced membership fee as well as reduced Strength and Conditioning Prices. Please contact [email protected] if interested.